About US

How it all Happened

While I was checking reviews on tech products, I found that most of the websites were not providing the useful ones that once made me think of Tech Dzone. I believe I can write better reviews in a more professional way.

Tech Dzone isn’t just an affiliate site but a revolution for tech lovers. Tech Dzone is a platform with guaranteed genuine reviews produced with the help of expert experiences and in an organic way. A gateway to reach your real identity or goal of satisfaction.

Visiting our site and checking your favorite product review will help you to be a rational customer. We put effort to make you right choice.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to enhance the knowledge of tech in the worldwide community and provide a gateway to reach the authentic goal.


Our mission is to get attached to the experts and use personal knowledge for the solution of the customers. Profit is the basic purpose of our business, but the main goal is to provide true reviews.

Who we are?

The idea of the site was generated by Hamza Ayub a big name in the world of SEO. The whole information is written and searched by our competent founder Abdullah Sakhi. Currently, we are two members running this site but we are also outsourcing many services from expert and skilled freelancers in the field of development and technology.