8 Best RAM for Ryzen 7 3800X in 2022

It’s a terrifying process to select the wrong RAM first and then go for the correct one. Sometimes it becomes difficult to return or exchange the product and its wastes your money.

Understanding your requirements and matching with provided features in specific RAM will help you make a rational decision. Many RAMs can fulfill your need, but somehow all are different from each other.

Ryzen 7 3800x is the best processor, but you need to attach the Best RAM for its powerful performance. You may have different thoughts, but purchasing fast RAM will be the more suitable solution. We have made searches and experiments to give you the best RAM for Ryzen 7 3800x.

Ryzen 7 3800x

Many of you have bought Ryzen 7 3800x but will not be familiar with its features. Knowing about your processor capabilities allows you to make a rational decision for purchasing other PC components.

Ryzen 7 3800x is the most powerful processor with a capacity of 3.2 GHz proficient clocking and 16 threads. It is third generation processor that offers RGB lighting. Ryzen 7 3800x is easier to install and configure the processor.

At a Glance:

G.SKILL Trident Z Royal DDR4-3600MHz

Staff Pick
RAM Memory Technology:DDR4 SDRAM
Computer Memory Size:32 GB
Memory Speed:3600 MHz
Voltage:1.35 Volts

Trident Z Royal comes with the best design and features. Its jewel crown is attractive and shiny. To increase RAM worth company has installed RGB lighting. You will be amazed while listening that Trident Z Royal also offers aluminum heat spreaders.

We all know the competition is increasing, companies are trying to offer more value than competitors. Trident Z Royal is the new model and offers everything that a customer can desire. A more flexible solution with the comfortability of Memory. The company was offering eight controllable RGB zones that are also one type of benefit.

The product comes with different memory speeds, and only 3600 MHz has the golden body. G.Skill has produced additional RAM and claims that this one is the most stylish solution in the market.

Having RGB lighting with a Golden design is an amazing idea. We recommend you this product if you have enough money to pay.

The 64 GB memory speed with 3600 MHz capacity is a great package to amaze your experience. We have tried different best RAM for Ryzen 7 3800x, and it won the competition in both ways style and performance.


  • Perfect Design
  • Classy and Flexible RGB Controllers
  • Usage of Aluminum for Overclocking


  • High Price

Patriot Memory VIPER 4 32GB

Brand:Patriot Memory
Form Factor:DIMM
RAM Memory Technology:DDR4
Computer Memory Size:32 GB
Memory Speed:3200 MHz

Patriot Memory offered you lightweight best RAM for Ryzen 7 3800x. Just like other competitive products, it takes 1.35 volts. Considering RAM power, it is capable to beat all competitive product exists in the market.

Selecting RAM decision triggered by many facts and that’s why we tried to deliver you maximum information. All the products are checked in procedural tests to ensure that all the provided features are true.

Several facts can matter selecting the best RAM for Patriot Memory VIPER. The most common ones are voltage, capacity, and memory characteristics.

The Patriot Memory VIPER RAM performance was out of expectation. The capacity to ensure quality while performing high-power projects was too good. The product that we have selected for the experiment was featured 32GB capacity and 3200 MHz speed.

A perfect capacity of 3200 MHz is distributed into eight different modules. This is the ideal model with an accessible configuration facility. The brand has offered six different sizes based on memory speed as 3000 MHz and 3733 MHz. You can also choose between 16 GB and 32 GB storage.


  • Perfect Performance
  • Under Budget
  • Fast cycling of 3400 MHz


  • None

HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4

RAM Memory Technology:DDR4
Computer Memory Size:16 GB
Memory Speed:3200 MHz
Voltage:1.35 Volts

This RAM is removing every other product from the competition. HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4 contains all the important functions to win the heart of customers. The product is specially designed for those who want high speed and capacity.

As shown from the company statement, this is the best solution for the gaming community. You can stream and play videos without face any lag issues. Our professional has tried this RAM with an intel motherboard and experienced and outstanding performance.

The low-speed options are also available in the market but what suits Ryzen 7 3800x is 3200 MHz capacity. To control the temperature in the body, the best overclocking system is adjusted. The brand called this system Plug N Play.

It will make you pleased that HyperX Fury 16GB DDR4 also includes RGB lighting. The provided software for RGB lighting will make your configuration relatively easier. RGB lightings are shiny so we suggest you configure this with the help of software.

The product can take voltage between 1.2 to 1.35 based on which memory style you chose. With high power and speed, the required voltage will also increase. Remember high voltage doesn’t matter when you need quality performance.

The brand gave you two memory capacities, 32 GB and 64 GB, with three variations on styles or speed. These customized options are rarely available in other RAM and can be valuable.


  • Easy to Install
  • Perfect Overclocking System
  • Existence of RGB Lighting


  • Costly

Corsair Vengeance LPX

Budget Pick
Form Factor:DIMM
RAM Memory Technology:DDR4 SDRAM
Computer Memory Size:16 GB
Memory Speed:2666 MHz

Another best RAM for gamers is Corsair Vengeance LPX. It offers all that you can wish from a classy RAM. Among all the best RAM for Ryzen 7 3800x, this one is a more powerful and flexible product.

Purchasing a product that has gone through procedural testing has higher chances to perform efficiently. We tested this product with different compatible motherboards and yes used the processor Ryzen 7 3800x.

To be honest, the product has everything that a gamer can desire. We have tested different high storage games and streams at the same time. The speed was amazing even while performing multiple tasks.

The body is designed according to the standards of the market. Temperature management is necessary for consistent quality performance. However, this RAM can manage the temperature produced while performing high-power projects.

Being a Youtuber or video editor people hates to have lagged. Adjusted heat spreaders in Vengeance will efficiently accomplish all heavy projects of video editing, streaming, and gaming with consistent quality. The brand has used aluminium material for heat spreaders which are rare in feature in RAM.

Another key feature in Vengeance RAM is manual management of frequency. Sometimes you may run a project that requires very low power frequency so in this scenario utilizing the high power will be a wastage of energy.

Corsair Vengeance LPX can adjust power level based on tasks requirements. It can manage the overclocking in the best possible way and make performance high consistently. The absence of RBG is a little hurtful. However, you can easily install it on the Ryzen motherboard.


  • Fast and Consistent Speed
  • Easy to Configure
  • Auto Overclocking


  • Single Channel

XPG Z1 DDR4 3000MHz

RAM Memory Technology:GDDR4 SDRAM
Computer Memory Size:16 GB
Memory Speed:3000 MHz
Voltage:1.2 Volts

A silver body design with perfect body management is available in XPG Z1 DDR4 3000MHz. Installing it with Ryzen 7 3800x will take you on another level. To manage temperature levels company has adjusted the auto overclocking system.

Sometimes on heavy video editing projects or for gaming, 3000 MHz isn’t enough. XPG Z1 DDR4 capacity can reach the level of 4266MHz to make your experience pleasant. Just all other provided options, this RAM also can manage task-related power. A higher degree will only be used where it will be required.

This is the only solution with 1TB memory storage. Comparing product costs with features, the RAM will be the most affordable solution for your processor. The brand will give you a 5-years warranty for SSD.  A rare offer on tech-related products.

The RAM is available in three different colours red, black, and silver. You can also add variations on product size and speed. Selecting a larger size or speed will increase the cost. The maximum offered speed of the memory is 4266 MHz.

With the help of the proficient analytical skills of our tech experts, the product was tested from different prospects. XPG Z1 DDR4 3000MHz is the best RAM for Ryzen processors. Easy configuration was the only feature that the company has focused on.


  • Variety in Memory Size, Speed, and Body Color
  • High and Consistent Performance
  • Available in Different Capacities


  • Difficulty in Installation

Team T-Force XTREEM

Form Factor:DIMM
RAM Memory Technology:DDR4
Computer Memory Size:16 GB
Memory Speed:3600 MHz

Many potential customers look for RAM that falls under the appropriate budget and delivers efficient performance. In XTREEM, you will top features at a very affordable cost. However, you will not be awarded RGB lighting features.

Managing body heat becomes difficult for RAM while dealing with high-capacity projects. To deal with this problem Team T-Force award you with heatsink features.

The body design is very unique and specially designed for creative people. Royal blue colour with black lines is compatible with golden plate design. However, to be different from other brands they haven’t charged any extra cost for design.

To make performance consistently high, they have adjusted the overclocking with a decent capacity of 3200MHz. The product is capable of creating good competition with other best RAM for Ryzen 7 3800x.

The overall functionality of Team T-Force XTREEM is the best RAM for Ryzen 7 3800x processor. Considering the opposing side, RAM doesn’t offer RGB lighting. It was important to inform as many of you will make decisions based on RGB existence.


  • Low Priced
  • Efficient Temperature Management
  • High Speed


  • Absence of RGB Lighting

G. SKILL F4-3200C14D-32GTZR

Best Pick
RAM Memory Technology:DDR4 SDRAM
Computer Memory Size:32 GB
Memory Speed:3200 MHz
Voltage:1.35 Volts

G.SKILL is a brand with a huge fan following or loyal customer family in the market. Many customers will land on this page specifically to have a look at this model. An excellent 32 GB DDR4 kit with 3200 MHz speed includes everything to boost the performance of Ryzen 7 3800x.

It is easier to configure and install because of RGB lighting. Therefore, the price is also not much high. G. SKILL F4-3200C14D-32GTZR height is more significant than average RAM, which is an essential fact that customers must be familiar with.

You will be fall in RGB lighting as the most demanded feature. A multi-shaded RGB will be useful while configuring RAM on your motherboard. You can choose any best RAM for Ryzen 7 3800x, this one or those as mentioned earlier G.SKILL RAM.

It only takes 1.35 volts; however, the delivery of powerful performance is also much better. The cables used for the delivery of power in RAM can be of little better quality.


  • Affordability
  • 32 GB DDR4 Kit
  • Easy Installation


  • Sometimes Bigger Sizes Can Create Trouble


RAM Memory Technology:DDR4 SDRAM
Computer Memory Size:16 GB
Memory Speed:3000 MHz
Voltage:1.35 Volts

ADATA is also one of the biggest brands in the technological industry. The above RAM goes fit with Ryzen 7 3800x processor. All the prospects from body shape to functioning features have a decent fan following in people.

Reading the RAM name will clear your idea that it has been designed for gamers. However, any of you interested to do gaming, streaming, video editing, or run other tasks can consider this product.

As explained in our expert interview memory technology plays a key role in boosting the overall performance of the RAM. Most of the RAM doesn’t go fit with the provided technology. The brand has claimed that it will offer what it will promise. You can contact the manufacturing anytime you need their services.

A beautiful body design with high performance is rare and ADATA has covered this gap. GAMMIX D30 memory technology is based on DDR4. To ensure consistent performance the brand gave you 16 GB size and 3000 MHz speed. People knowing the requirements of the Ryzen 7 3800x will consider this product.

Compatibility becomes a serious issue sometimes when the motherboard does not provide instalment space. ADATA comes with a classical design suitable almost for any brand motherboard.

The above statement is provided from ADATA and our professionals weren’t stop here. We decided to check the compatibility of the product on different brands’ motherboards and found the same results as the company claiming.

Where all other features are given brand has also adjusted the colour scheme carefully. The combination of silver, black and white looking attractive and cool. The quality material used for the RAM gives it a more stunning shine.

A few of mentioned RAM comes with a warranty and GAMMIX D30 is one of them. You have been noticing that this feature is quite rare in other RAM. The brand believes that they have offered a quality product that will go for a long while.


  • Classic Look
  • Better Performance of Memory
  • Allow Gaming and Streaming


  • No Better Heatspreader

Be a Rational Customer

You need to give explicit attention to all the provided RAM to select the best one for your Ryzen 7 3800x processor. The RAM mentioned at first doesn’t mean it will be the best solution to your need.

People mostly get confused about which RAM is best, DDR3 or DDR4. It depends on which processor you aim to install on your PC. In the current case of Ryzen 7 3800x DDR4 will be the appropriate choice.

External Devices Consideration

Most of the times people who don’t have the right information on the common components of their PC ends on poor purchase. We are trying to value you with extra efforts so you can make the right decision.

The best selection of RAM depends on many factors however the below ones are crucial. Considering these components will help you to predict your requirements and act accordingly.

Operating System & RAM

Giving attention to your operating system restriction helps in purchasing the best RAM. If you have an old operating system of 32 GB, going for high-speed RAM will not work. The best way to look at your operating system is to install a window. Latest windows like 11th and 10th will be installed on only high-capacity operating systems.

Motherboard & RAM

Motherboards and RAMs have a strong connection with each other. Not all the RAM will be suitable for any motherboard. You need to check lots of facts like the size, and capacity of both before taking any decision. As maximum of your PC components are fixed on the motherboard so storage will play a major role.

Feature of the Best RAM

RGB Lighting

Many customers count RGB as an essential part of RAM and also it’s true. There are several benefits to have RGB lighting in RAM such as visual satisfaction, easy configuration, and high speed, etc.  

Clocking System

A RAM with the highest clocking rate should be your priority. The reason is high responsiveness and speeds consistently. Especially gamers, streamers, and video editors require good clock speed.

Memory Capacity and Speed

Thanks to advancements in IT people are offered the highest memory capacity of 2TB. Unfortunately, this level of capacity is available in very few RAM. However, going with the highest capacity doesn’t important in all cases. Have a look at your expected performance and took steps accordingly.

Speed of RAM plays a critical role in being suitable for processors. the decision about speed depends varies based on different circumstances. Like in case you want to stream tv the RAM speed is between 2666 MHz to 37300 MHz.

Never Do This

We noticed people are starting to giving attention to online storage so their PC will face less burden. However, things don’t work like this. Your PC still needs helps from your RAM to fetch the stored data in an online drive.

The wrong information spread about RAM is “fastest is the best”. However, this is a good idea to have the fastest RAM but many other factors are also necessary to consider.


Having the right solution for problems at the same when it occurs isn’t easier. In above provided RAMs are all going to be best for you but in a different scenario. Depends on features that have importance for you. The best RAM for one customer will not essentially for other ones.

Reading the description with Pros & Cons will give you an idea of which RAM suits your requirements. An excellent approach to buying RAM is to understand the motherboard features, nature of tasks, and budget that you have in your pocket.

Your decision will be rational when you match all your requirements with provided features of the best RAM for Ryzen 7 3800x. Always tried to have a complete buying guide before making a purchase helps in getting the beneficial product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best RAM for Ryzen 7 3800X?

There are many options for you, but you have to choose one that suits your PC requirements. You can buy any RAM among Trident Z Royal DDR4-3600MHz, G. SKILL F4-3200C14D-32GTZR, Team T-Force XTREEM, and Corsair Vengeance LPX, etc. All these have few different features from each other.

Is Ryzen 7 3800X overkill?

Ryzen could boost your PC speed if you decided to select your RAM rationally. If you are a gamer, video editor, or run heavy graphic programs on your PC, this motherboard is a perfect choice. This is the most powerful solution available in 2021.

What is the best RAM speed for Ryzen 7 3700X?

Being best is based on your PC requirements. As analyzed from most customers’ feedback and offered features of RAM Trident Z Royal DDR4-3600MHz perfectly suits Ryzen 7 3700.

Does Ryzen 7 3800X support 3600Mhz RAM?

It depends on which type of projects you usually work on. Most customers are happy with 3600 MHz speed, but few need more than this— however, many other facts matter. If we forget about other essential attributes for a moment, this is not a bad combination.

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