ASUS ROG Strix X570-E

Brand ASUS
CPU Socket AM4
Chipset Type AMD 570X
Memory 128 GB DDR4
RGB Lighting Yes

ASUS introduced this best motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x, especially for AMD processors. ASUS ROG Strix X570-E has 128 GB storage and allows extension with 1 memory slot. You can use this product for executing complex projects like video editing, gaming, and streaming. To increase the connectivity for games, ASUS gives you dual M.2 slots and 3.2 USB for the connectivity for games.

Most new devices are based on type C; however, A-type ports cannot be replaced yet. We know the need to transfer data in old devices can be generated anytime.

The connectivity features don’t end here ASUS also gives you PCIe 4.0 and HDMI 2.0. Nowadays, everyone wishes to have speed devices, so missing the PCIe could be the greatest disappointment.

Consistent, powerful performance is only possible if you have a motherboard with a well-managed cooling system. Where ASUS has pointed other features, this one was also not neglected.

To control the temperature level, ASUS gave you multiple features such as PCH and MOS coolers. Additionally, it has dual M.2 coolers that are further linked with the water pump. The overall cooling system is much better than what is provided in competitive products.

Managing heat and consumed energy has equal importance when it comes to delivering consistent, high-quality performance. To cover this area, ASUS gave you Aura Sync RGB lighting with manageable tools. You can synchronize RGB LEDs with the defined range that is called an aura.

We recommend this motherboard for gamers as it has special tools and sounds for them. The GameFirst V tool will find the best Wi-Fi connection and boost the game display interference for a stable gaming experience.

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  • Extra Features for Gaming
  • Aura Sync RGB Lighting
  • Fast Data Sharing
  • Absence of Onboard Monitoring

MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS Motherboard

Brand MSI
Warranty Lifetime
Memory 128 GB
Chipset AMD 570X
CPU Socket Socket AM4

MSI has offered many motherboards compatible with both intel and AMD processors. Brand test all of its products before introducing them to the market. MSI MPG X570 GAMING PLUS Motherboard is specially made for complex projects or to fulfill the gamer’s needs.

It comes with 2666 MHz speed and a storage of 128 GB. You can use Windows 7 to 11 as a platform for this motherboard.

Currently, very few people are relying on DDR3 and the majority have made a move towards DDR4. This is the latest solution to overcomes the latest problems in technology. It will be the best suitable motherboard for your AMD processors.

For temperature management, MSI has given preference to Frozr heatsink and fans. It will boost the data flow speed from the chipset through PCIe. Only a few motherboards are available in the market with this feature.

Being consistent without noticing the controlling heat system is currently impossible. Even you can’t retain consistent high performance from SSDs. To overcome these issues, MSI is giving you M.2 shield beneficial to maintain stability while running complex projects.

Core BOOST is another feature that comes with MSI MPG X570. It deals with the proper power delivery to the CPU and prevents accidental damages. It understands the requirement of the circuit to execute the program at hand and allow power accordingly.

As the motherboard is designed for the gaming community. MSI has added special features for them. It contains MSI Gaming tools helpful in enhancing your gaming experience. This tool will increasing display quality, make audio better, and runs the game without any lag.

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  • Special Tools for Games
  • M.2 Shield
  • Incredible Heatsink
  • Absence of RGB Lighting

ASUS Prime X570-P

Brand ASUS
CPU Socket Socket AM4
Chipset Type AMD 570X
Memory 128 GB
Memory Speed 2133 MHz

Another great motherboard from Asus for Ryzen processors. ASUS Prime X570-P motherboard can give a powerful performance where the complexity of the project reaches its peak.

Being stable when the power demand becomes too high isn’t easier for motherboards with the common features. ASUS offered you some extra values that you won’t be able to find in alternative options.

Whenever you go for purchasing a motherboard, don’t forget to ask about the heatsink solution. This is a pro tip that will help you to have a consistently powerful performance.

It has a PCIe that allows the fastest flow of data from the chipset. This is an efficient feature; however, it produces a lot of heat. To manage this functionality appropriately, they have adjusted the chipset heatsink.

RGB lighting with the synchronized features is an amazing feature that ASUS has offered in this motherboard. This feature is also available in the above product of ASUS. You will be in need to have ASUS hardware introduced for Aura capability.

ASUS has taken the cooling system very carefully. It has adjusted five fans one in mid and two on opposites edges.  Interestingly, you are allowed to know the system temperature and can manage the cooling system accordingly.

This is a reliable motherboard for customers who have bought a Ryzen processor. The reason is ASUS also has tested this product on a Ryzen processor and found it fully compatible.

Trying games on ASUS Prime X570-P will be interesting as the connectivity and speed are quite impressive. To be honest, the above motherboard of ASUS has more functionalities for gamers instead of this one.

  • Aura Sync for RGB
  • Comprehensive Cooling Control
  • Fast Data Sharing
  • Wi-Fi Missing

ASUS Tuf Gaming Plus AM4

Brand ASUS
CPU Socket Socket AM4
Chipset Type AMD 570X
Memory Speed 4400 MHz
Memory 128 GB

ASUS has specially designed this ASUS Tuf Gaming Plus AM4 motherboard for gamers, just like the first product mentioned in our list. ASUS Tuf Gaming Plus is different from the motherboards mentioned above on different prospects.

As the name shows, the motherboard is introduced to facilitate the gaming community. It has a special feature for the better experience of the gamers, such as fast connectivity and PCIe for graphic card interference.

Gaming or streaming isn’t an easier project. It requires a high level of complexity. Where ASUS Tuf Gaming Plus can tackle these projects, it can also execute your other high-power tasks.

It is compatible with DDR4 RAM, as required in our scenario. Moving further, it gave you decent experience with the help of 4400 MHz speed and 128GB memory storage. This combination will boost the performance of the best motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900X.

While designing this motherboard, the brand has taken connectivity seriously. You got ports for display, network, or sharing data with other devices.

Among all the above features, it comes with three years of warranty. The default will appear within these days if there will be any. This feature is enough for building trust with potential customers.

The motherboard has some crucial features, such as a Type-C port and Wi-Fi 5. The majority of new devices introduced in the market accept Type-C as it offers high data transfer rate. However, if you are unable to form a connection with cable, try Wi-Fi.

The absence of RGB lighting can disappoint you as one of the crucial functions these days. Our professional has tested this product with Ryzen 9 3900X processor the result was not bad. Yes, with RGB lighting, the performance will be super cool.

  • Proficient Cooling System for Chipset
  • PCIe Slots Could Be Better

Gigabyte Z390 M Micro ATX

Brand Gigabyte
Chipset Type Intel Z390
Capacity 128 GB
CPU Socket LGA 1151
RAM Memory DDR4

Gigabyte Z390 M Micro ATX comes with 128 GB memory storage and 4 slots to make the extension. Gigabyte is a big brand in technology famous for delivering a high-quality product. The product has 4.0 PCI-E for the strong performance of graphic cards.

Gigabyte Z390 is an innovative product with powerful features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and the fastest data sharing with a Type-C port. The product is much better in data sharing among other competitive products.

You can purchase this product for the execution of both types of projects, easy and complex. With 3200 MHz speed and a proficient thermal system, this motherboard can execute complex projects.

If you are a gamer, who is looking for powerful performance, consider this product. Gigabyte Z390 allows you to run games and stream on your channel at the same time. A strong energy saver system is adjusted to be consistent on a powerful performance.

A real problem occurs when you want to update your BIOS. No one likes to be involved in the complex manual procedure of updating BIOS. Here you just need to download the latest version on USB and install it through a port.

This edition of Gigabyte also facilitates you with an integrated I/O shield., This feature is essential for the seamless configuration of your computer.

It comes with an extended VRM heatsink expert for consistent cooling or powerful high-performance. Additionally, it has thermal guidance for dual M.2 SSD devices. These features will never let the heat cause any damage to the body.

  • 5- Hybrid Fan and Complete Thermal Guidance
  • Successful Compatibility Test with Ryzen
  • BIOS is Easy to Update
  • PCIe Functionality Could Be Better

ASRock B550M Steel Legend

Brand ASRock
CPU Socket AM4
Memory Speed 2400 MHz
Capacity 128 GB
Slots Available 2

ASROCK tested ASRock B550M Steel Legend motherboard with a Ryzen processor and found amazing results. It has 2400 MHz speed and 128 GB storage enough to execute powerful or complex projects. An amazing fact about ASRock B550M is the adjustability of all components based on the requirement.

Just like the above motherboards this one also comes with a 30-days return warranty. These days are enough to judge if the motherboard fulfills your necessity or not. We recommend you buy a product that has a warranty.

There is no limitation for anyone however gamers will love this motherboard. The product’s ability to execute multiple high-power projects at the same time is quite impressive. You can browse, edit videos, stream and play games at the same time.

This product is an amazing option for having high-quality display output. It offers you both HDMI and DisplayPort. You can take advantage based on your requirement. It covers both the latest and old problems.

ASRock B550M motherboard successfully gave a high performance as shown under compatibility test with Ryzen processors. Our professionals executed different complex projects to test this product. With a higher frame rate, it also gives you an incredible gaming sound.

The proficient heat sink will protect you from the hazards of body damage. No doubt, the absence of RGB lighting is the greatest disappointment. However, you can easily configure Ryzen processors.

The final product with all mentioned features is really impressive and worthy. The product price is affordable as compared to choices. Purchase this product if RGB doesn’t matter for you or you don’t have the capacity to pay for expensive products.

  • 2 Memory Slots
  • 3.0 Ports
  • Extra Fast Data Sharing
  • BIOS Could Be Better

ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus

Brand ASUS
CPU Socket AM4
Chipset Type AMD 570X
Memory Speed 4400 MHz
Memory Storage 128 GB

This is the fourth ASUS motherboard compatible with a Ryzen processor. ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus was an addition to the Tuf series of ASUS motherboards. X570-Plus has special functionality for gamers or people who wish to execute multiple projects at once.

Connectivity has the same importance for gamers as other factors like speed and consistency. The motherboard has dual M.2 drivers with USB 3.2. These features are essentially helpful for quick data transformation.

Executing complex projects isn’t as crucial as being consistent. Through the ProCooler feature, X570-Plus can maintain consistently high performance.

In X570-Plus, gamers are awarded some extra features such as exclusive Gigabit Ethernet and strong wi-Fi connection. It gives unbeatable data transformation speed.

I prefer ASUS motherboards for two reasons easy BIOS update and powerful design. Visit the brand site to update your BIOS at any time. You can download the file on a USB can install it on a PC through the given ports.

The brand is efficient in adjusting both high and low-level MOSFET. Both portions are combined in one package for the powerful performance of processors.

To manage the complete cooling system brand has adjusted three different heat sinks at different locations. Moving further, it has two fan hybrid headers and expert 4.

Protection while data sharing in networks is an essential feature these days. Not all motherboard manufacturing brands have noticed this requirement. Fortunately, ASUS has taken this feature seriously. It gives you a military guide while sharing data through the LAN port.

  • Powerful Inner Design
  • Dual PCIe
  • Special Data Transfer Protection
  • Absence of RGB


Brand MSI
CPU Socket AM4
Chipset Type AMD 570X
Memory Speed 2666 MHz
Memory Storage 128 GB

Second MSI motherboard compatible with Ryzen processor. MSI MPG X570 GAMING EDGE has differentiation from the product, as mentioned earlier. You can select any motherboard based on your requirements.

The product has 2666 MHz speed, 128 GB storage, and many other crucial features for the gaming community. MPG X570 has great sound also; with provided nahimic 3 software, you are allowed to make enhancements.

The brand gives you some extra values for being stable on a powerful performance. Repeated compatibility tests and focused circuit design were key steps the brand has taken in this scenario.

Having protection against threats has the same level of importance as delivering high-quality performance. The combination of Frozr heatsink and patented fans is great for protecting the motherboard body from hazard damages of heat.

The product is best for being mad at gaming. You can enjoy gaming for the whole day without any rest. The provided features will never give any lag; even, you do multitasking. All the data flow elements are protected with strong shields for a heat-free body.

Normal Bluetooth adjusted in motherboards are not comparable with MPG X570. This one can send 25 Mbps with Bluetooth, an unbeatable speed rate.

This one is also based on CORE Boost technology, just like the above motherboard of MSI. CORE BOOST is an innovative solution to deliver high power to the CPU in a fully secure way.

Where the brand has noticed all other features the RGB lightings are also not missed. MPG X570 has Mythic RGB lighting. In these RGB lightings, you got 29 different effects.

  • Mythic Light
  • IO Shielding
  • Warranty
  • Un-Assembled Delivery

MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen

Brand MSI
CPU Socket Socket AM4
Chipset Type AMD B450
Memory Speed 2133 MHz
Storage 64 GB

MSI has launched another motherboard for a Ryzen processor. MSI Arsenal Gaming AMD Ryzen motherboard speed and storage are half as compared to the above options. It has 2133 MHz speed and 64 GB storage.

It is compatible with all generations of Ryzen processors from one to third. If you change your decision and buy an old processor version, the motherboard will still be useful.

Gamers who aren’t ready to buy high-priced products can consider this product. It will give you consistent, powerful performance even on multitasking. The brand has adjusted a special audio boost for powerful gaming sound.

We recommend this product for gamers. As it has the functionality to improve your gaming experience. With provided tools or special features for gaming mood, your gaming skills will improve.

MSI manufacturer decided to fixed the heat sink on the top of VRM. Through this strategy, the product has become stronger in removing the excess heat.

Easy BIOS recovery is an extra feature in the MSI motherboard. They provide you Flash button which removes the need for CPU or memory for BIOS recovery.

Just like the above two MSI products this one is also based on Core Boost technology. Through this innovative solution, the brand gives a secure power supply to the main circuit. In simple words, your CPU will receive the observable power.

Don’t be worried while making this product a try as it has 30 days return warranty. However, we know what will make you disappoint. The absence of RGB lighting can be disturbing.

  • Extra Tools for Gamers
  • Flash Button for BIOS
  • Low Price
  • Low Speed and Storage
  • Absence of RGB


Brand MSI
CPU Socket AM4
Memory Speed 4600 MHz
Memory Storage 6 GB
Memory Slots 4

The last in line is also the production of the MSI brand. MSI MEG X570 UNIFY has the fastest speed of 4600 MHz with only 6 GB storage. This storage level may create disappointment. Still, it is better if you compared it with the product price.

Gamers can enjoy strongly wired and wireless connectivity. It has a dual M.2 with shields and PCIe 4.0 for wired connectivity. Wireless connectivity will become possible with 802.11ax.

We will say it’s one step ahead of the Arsenal Gaming motherboard when it comes to connectivity. We concluded these features based on incredible Wi-Fi 6 and 2.5G LAN technology. It gives you a smooth and convenient experience of online games.

Our professionals have executed high-power obtained games on this motherboard. The achieved results were reliable. The low storage of 6GB was creating an issue. We decided to utilize the given 4 slots of memory to overcome the low storage issue.

You are also getting 30 days return warranty, just like all other MSI motherboards. There are some other relatable motherboards from MSI. We aren’t recommending you those motherboards for the Ryzen processor.

MEG X570 UNIFY has a strong heatsink to protect your CPU from accidental damages, plus a consistent, high-quality gaming experience. Gamers who don’t like lags while playing understand how the importance of this feature.

In our experience, there is nothing bad in MSI motherboards except the existence of Nahimic instead of Fans. The heat produced while working on powerful projects can be decreased more decently with Fan’s thermal systems.

  • Strong Connectivity
  • Brilliant for Games
  • Incredible Memory Speed
  • Memory Storage Could Be Better